We got Kickstarted, Y'all!

We just want to reiterate our great love and appreciation for our backers from Kickstarter. We could have never predicted how much response and feedback we got from that experience. As first-time project creators, we had no idea what to expect in terms of interest and backing. Sure, our classmates seemed to like it, but we had no idea how it'd play to the Kickstarter community at large. Would people care about having more stylish reflective clothing at all, or was that just us?

We launched on April 19, 2011, with our NYU-ITP classmate Eric Mika as our first backer. Soon, we had support from other classmates, professors, and friends. Eventually the project hit the blogosphere and we were receiving pledges and great suggestions from all over the world. 

May 14th, nearly one month after our Kickstarter launch, we reached our $6500 goal. It was a great piece of news that came during the last day of our ITP Thesis Week. Our backing eventually reached $10,616 when the fundraising period ended on June 3rd, 2011. 

We shipped to nine different countries including Australia, Korea, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Britain, Ireland and the USA.

Putting We-Flashy on Kickstarter was a really fun experience. We are continually amazed by the community of makers, artists and creative thinkers participating in crowd sourced funding.